How an idea formed

An Award Winning Lead Generation Agency

At Inonda, our expert team help businesses and consultants to generate new business revenues with our unique LinkedIn digital marketing strategies and training. At the same time, we cut out all of the difficult, time consuming parts of the sales process for you.

Our Story



Rising up with LinkedIn

With LinkedIn on the rise, the timing was perfect!

We soon discovered that the fast-growing B2B platform was quietly outperforming all other social media for sales and revenue growth

Before long we had delivered results for clients in every industry, niche and vertical imaginable. It was not uncommon for us to deliver 10x the cost of our services. This was exactly what we wanted. A lead generation service that was far more consistent and reliable than figuring out paid ads and pay per click services. Our service was far more efficient than building your own in-house team, which would cost tens of thousands per month

Instead, we built out a dream team of dedicated talent. Designers, copywriters, operations managers, back office tech specialists. With their combined focus on figuring out more and more advanced ways of generating leads for any business, the results were startling

Our Story



Great Rewards

In 2020 and 2021 we were awarded the title of the leading experts in Lead Generation at The Greater London Enterprise Awards

We were honoured to receive recognition from our peers

We were proud to have been acknowledged for our work

We were strengthened to carry on doing what we do best

Your Story

Growing Stronger


With Inonda

The whole of our knowledge base, experience, proven online strategies and expertise can be put to use for your company!

If you would like to see how we can generate warm leads, sales and grow you an exclusive audience of high value potential buyers, just get in touch with us for a free demonstration, you will not be disappointed

We will breakdown how the process works and recommend your next steps to unlocking digital growth in your business

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Our headquarters are based in the UK capital, London.

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