I started Inonda so companies could have truly “done for you” lead generation. We bring you genuine enquiries from your ideal customers who are interested in working with you.

In my 15 years business experience, the thing I have always loved most is the front line. Sales are the lifeblood of any company. I’ve always had a passion for business and communication, and have been a serial entrepreneur since I was young.

I work across the company, but my focus is on spending as much time with business and department leaders as possible. In these conversations I learn how we can continuously adapt, improve and learn.

This appetitive for delivering results is what has made us an award winning lead generation company, and brought tens of millions in new revenue for our customers.



My whole career has been spent in media, both on and offline, having worked many years in the print media with The Daily Mail General Trust and Mirror Group newspapers. Connecting brands and companies with targeted audiences is second nature.

Before joining the team here, I ran two successful start-ups, then headed up partnerships for one of the fastest growing start-ups in the UK.

I work with the team to develop new strategies both for us and for the campaigns we run for our clients. We have been testing and perfecting the best consultative approach to generating new leads for business and have extensive experience and expertise in what works across LinkedIn.

Always happy to speak with companies who want to win new business, build their own executive network and embellish their brand in the process.



Hi, I’m Andy and I’m primarily in charge of taking care of digital relationships at Inonda and on behalf of clients.

I am passionate about helping companies grow online, especially companies in disruptive industries and those who are working toward a sustainable future of the planet.

I also source and refer socially responsible investments to investors whilst funding the transition from a carbon-based economy to a renewable one. I help to fund profit and not-for- profit projects, primarily in the UK, but also with a global reach.

I built my experience working in leading financial firms before moving into my adventures in digital business development. I have generated millions of pounds worth of new business for clients. You can reach me on



I’m Irfan, also known as ‘the amazing Irfan’ by the team when I help smooth over any technical problems! I simplify processes and execute them on demand for Inonda and for our clients.

I’m on the front lines implementing and refining the systems, software and automations that make Inonda’s digital marketing work.

I’m also the engineer that takes care of the tech that drives campaigns for both email and LinkedIn marketing.

With a background in running campaigns for large digital agencies, I have set up and managed over 100+ campaigns and counting. Get in touch via LinkedIn or at



I’m Peter, head copywriter at Inonda. I put copy and content together to create successful campaigns. I work closely with Declan, speaking with clients and creating the words that drive our award-winning results.

I’ve worked with Inonda for over 2 years crafting case studies, articles, websites, outreach messages, emails, profiles and more.

My focus is on looking at clients’ companies with fresh eyes. This helps me to uncover any hidden selling points and angles that owners and employees often can’t see from within the company.



I am a determined and enthusiastic Account Manager for a highly reputable Digital Marketing company. As a natural relationship builder with a strong work ethic, I thoroughly enjoy account management. I have years of experience directing and motivating others.

I enjoy working individually and using my own initiative to make decisions, yet I am also very comfortable as a member of a team, sharing ideas and working towards joint goals and objectives. I also enjoy working in a job that not only stimulates my abilities but also enables me to develop, to the benefit of both my employer and myself.

I am quick to forge strong working relationships at all levels with both external organisations internal personal, displaying a personality that encompasses maturity, balance, creativity and innovation.


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Our headquarters are based in the UK capital, London.

London, United Kingdom

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