Why Growing Your Network Immediately Is Essential (and the fastest way to do it)

You and I are in dangerous and exciting times right now. Why dangerous? Because connections are being made so rapidly around you that if you don’t keep up you’ll get left behind faster than in any other time in history. 

LinkedIn currently has 500 million users. They aim to reach 3 billion. So there’s the potential scaling that’s going to come just by being set up properly on the platform. And how does it perform? Well 50% of all B2B social traffic to websites and blogs comes from LinkedIn. If you’re not on this train it means you may get run over by it. How does anyone expect to keep up with competition who are strapped in to the LinkedIn rocket and geared up ready to roll?

Of course it’s the very same factor that makes it dangerous that means it’s so exciting. The potential ease by which you can exponentially grow your business is breathtaking. 

Imagine a trade show, which has every key player of your target audience you can possibly imagine. Every executive, high value contact and decision maker all together under one roof. And now imagine that whole gold mine of a show isn’t in an awkward physical location. It’s online. And instead of being an occasional or even regular gathering, it’s there all the time. Day and night everyone you need to know in order for your business to be a through the roof success is there waiting. 

What are we talking about here? 


Our clients are constantly surprised about the potential reach at their fingertips on LinkedIn. Rarely do we come across any business using it to its fullest potential at scale. I think people are still in the mindset that it’s a passive thing where you have a profile and occasionally some opportunity pops up or a decent connection comes around. 

Well if that’s how your competition thinks then you’re lucky, and it’s exciting. But if they’ve cottoned on already then it’s going to get dangerous for you not to.

If used properly, LinkedIn can help you:

  • Create a transformative network of game-changing contacts
  • Implement high impact and aggressive branding strategies
  • Position yourself and your company as a thought leader and expert with superior value
  • Dodge gatekeepers in order to have a vast collection of dealmakers in your pocket (literally) 
  • Create massive interest and demand in your offering, virtually on command
  • Create scalable, targeted lead generation with ROI that makes every other strategy look like daylight robbery
  • Make your personal brand and value multiply exponentially with a priceless rolodex of contacts at your personal disposal

There are a whole ton of other benefits that come when you actively use a LinkedIn strategy that’s proven to be effective.

Here’s what I suggest doing next: go and see a specific example of the kind of impact LinkedIn can have once you get serious with it. Here’s a link to just one example of the kind of crazy results hovering just underneath your LinkedIn interface. This is what’s ready to go once you take the handbrake off and really let it do what’s it’s built for.

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