How WorkClub Used Inonda To Secure Funding From Investors

From Ineffective Freelancers To Expert Agency

It’s been such a pleasure working with Inonda. We were introduced by Declan reaching out to us on LinkedIn.

Our CEO sent me over some of Inonda’s numbers and I thought, “the pricing’s quite good for an agency”, especially having worked in an agency myself. The previous results you had generated were really impressive. I thought “These are really solid results. How can we work with them?”

Before working with Inonda, we’d had support from external freelancers. But we were finding that there’s only so much they can really achieve. They would always be in different time zones. So messages were going out at 11 o’clock at night or 4 in the morning. It just didn’t really work for us.

The freelancers couldn’t pick up on anything afterwards because they didn’t really understand our business. The reason we went with Inonda is because you guys understood our business model. You were able to articulate what we do, as well as work with us to develop our messaging. You gave us proper agency input saying, “I wouldn’t go this route.” 

When we first started working with you guys, we originally did go a slightly different route to what you’d advised with our business manager, who was keen on a style of messaging.

We saw it didn’t work and then we came back to guys. Obviously you didn’t say “I told you so”… but you had said beforehand that you didn’t recommend that style. 

The Results:

Since we’ve gone with your recommendation we’ve had double the amount of connections, which is fantastic.

And we’ve had over 30 calls in total, which is really, really good.

From an investor perspective, we’re surprised as to how well it’s worked. We’ve engaged with a lot of investors. On phone calls, if they haven’t been interested in investment they’ve been interested in the B2B model, which is the model that we’re going to be trying to scale next. It’s really been a win win, almost like having PR at the same time.

Alongside that, we’ve had:

  • a 30% increase in unique visitors to the work club
  • LinkedIn page a 26% increase in new followers 
  • a 50 percent increase in post impressions

What Results Do You Expect Looking Forward?

In the future we’re definitely predicting increased revenue, increased interest from investors, increased awareness and increased new business.

We’re really getting that understanding of which investors are interested in us. 

It’s enabled our CEO to step back and focus on other things. And it’s definitely made us more data driven than we were previously. We have better processes and I don’t think we would have come up with that process without Inonda.

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