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O.M.P.A: Optimize and Manage Paid Advertising

Successful digital advertising is the sweet balance between art and science!

The good news about digital advertising: You get instant visibility and basically as much traffic as you can handle. The bad news: You can go broke in record time if you’re not experienced and careful.

With Data continuously increasing, coupled with the rate and pace at which consumers evolve and change. Finding the customers and sending them relatable messages is one of the biggest problems for marketers. OMPA uses data driven performance to rapidly test thousands of variables at scale, this includes demographics, geography, behaviours, interests and further customer data.

Chatbots: Servicing Your Company 24/7

We make sophisticated A.I. Chatbots that work using Deep Learning to answer questions and queries accurately within seconds. This bot can be placed across all mediums of communication including but not limited to your website, facebook, instagram, skype, and twitter.

What are some of the benefits that can be seen by utilzing this new service:

  • Instant Customer Service 24/7 & 365
  • English and Multi-Lingual Options Available
  • Helps to Convert Paid Advertising Traffic and Increase Online Conversion
  • Move Prospects down the Sales Funnel from Awareness, Consideration to Purchase
  • Ability for Employees to Jump In and Take Over the Conversation from the Chatbot
  • Generate Leads for your Sales Team for Traffic you dont Currently Convert
  • Brand Reputation Management and Social Media Integration

Social Media Management

Having a social presence gives you a platform to connect with your audience. The balance between personal and professional can be tough. What do you post or share? When? How do you get more followers? Are they relevant? Being successful in social marketing takes planning and evaluation. It is the voice of your company and needs to boost your credibility.



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