Before working with Inonda Daniela was only getting clients through referrals.

Daniela – Revealed Business

At Inonda, we always say this is a dangerous situation for your business. Relying on a single unpredictable way of getting new clients and revenue is a sure-fire route to stress and disaster in the future. As 2020 taught us all, anything can happen to change the number of new customers coming into your business through any given route.

Luckily, Daniela had the foresight to build a new way of getting customers. With Inonda’s award winning lead generation system and a serious track record of getting new business for clients, they were the obvious choice.

Daniela describes the moment she decided she needed to go up a gear in getting new business:

“I wanted to immerse myself fully into doing what I’m doing. I needed to make sure I could get new clients in a way that was predictable.”

The first thing that took Daniela by surprise wasn’t actually the positive responses she woke up to in her message centre. It was the many other things that came along with running the Inonda campaign. Like the fact that she was able to rapidly improve her offering itself… She got to understand her dream clients faster than she could have imagined. She was able to improve her product. She was able to package her services better.

She was also able to strike up not one, but two powerful partnerships with companies that will give her credibility and ongoing exposure, as well as increasing the value of the services she’s offering. One of her new clients is a start-up, and she’s working on a new project that’s of particular interest to her. She’s become a shareholder at a company with fantastic synergy to the work she wants to do.

Inonda’s campaign gave Daniela access to an industry she hadn’t been able to tap into before. In her own words:

“That was absolutely game changing. I’m more immersed in an industry that I wanted to be in before…”

As well as new business partnerships, Daniela multiplied her list of highly targeted connections into the thousands. Even though her business relies on specific timing to create new deals, she can now relax knowing that her pipeline has thousands of ready-to-approach new leads.

Looking to the future, Inonda has given Daniela a new sense of certainty and direction:

“I definitely know how to position myself in terms of how I want to grow and what I want to do. So Inonda has helped me be more specific and crystal clear. I’m involved with stuff that I wouldn’t be and also partnerships that are very very key to what I do and add value.

This is going to translate to future revenue. It increases the value of my offering because when I’m finished with the client we can move them on to my partners. But also, the partners will recommend and refer other clients to me.”

Daniela found working with the team at Inonda fantastic. She was not looking for corporate interaction. She wanted to be able to really talk to people and have them lay out what she could expect.

Most importantly, Inonda got things done and delivered results in the form of new business! If you’d like to work with the team to bring you thousands of targeted new leads for a fraction of the cost of building your own team, book a call with us today for a free demo.

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