Top 5 tips for B2Bs that you forgot to add to your LinkedIn Profile

A well-optimised LinkedIn profile can make the difference between your approach being ignored or welcomed. In this post I’ll show you a few simple things you can do to optimise your profile with lead generation in mind. 

Check out our top 5 tips how to polish your profile for B2B.

#1 Distil What You Do

Your LinkedIn profile may be the first thing that a potential lead sees, before they know anything about your company or role. For this reason, it’s essential that you offer a clear and concise description right off the bat. Your profile headline and summary is the best place to do this

Does your Headline answer the question Who do you help and How? 

Essential part of your profile is not just who you are but what difference you can make in client’s life and business.

Does your summary contain keywords that tells clearly what you do? 

Your lead is about to contact you and then they get lost in a long list of profiles because they do not remember your name specifically. Make sure that your profile will be on top of their search by adding the right keywords to your summary.

Have you created your portfolio?

LinkedIn portfolio offers you an opportunity to add photos, PDFs, presentations, and websites to create an online portfolio for that specific section of your profile. Is there anything that you clients might be interested to see? This is your chance to show it.

#2 Image is everything

Do you look good on your profile?

One eye tracking study suggested that LinkedIn profile viewers spent nearly 20% of their time on a profile looking at the photo, so you want to be sure you’re looking your best. Generally speaking, professional photos of your face will do.

How is your banner doing?

Banner is not just a great place for stock photos. It’s the best space for you to show your brand such as combination of your logo, slogan etc.

#3 Let them find you in a blink of an eye

If you want your profile to help you generate leads, those leads need to be able to find you. Start by ensuring your LinkedIn profile is public and giving yourself a custom URL.

Are your contact details up-to-date?

Check to see that all fields contain your current information. Pay close attention to spelling and number sequence to ensure inadvertent transposed numbers or misspellings don’t keep someone from getting in touch. Is there any other space where you can include them e.g. summary/slides etc.

How about your setting?

If you want your profile to help you generate leads, those leads need to be able to find you. Start by ensuring your LinkedIn profile is public and giving yourself a custom URL.

#4 Have you proven yourself?

Do you have any quirky qualification/skills? Show it!

Don’t just write your formal degrees in the education section. Include relevant online courses or certifications you’ve completed and skills that you gained.

Does your profile include any recommendation?

You can’t write your own, but you can request them. Don’t ask for a recommendation until you’ve worked with someone for at least six months. 

And while a glowing review from your boss is great, one from a client is even better. Their testimony will drive up your credibility with other buyers and provide you with a valuable reference.

#5 Network is crucial for everything what you do

Have you joined the right groups?

There is a huge number of groups available in every conceivable industry and niche. The groups you join appear on your profile and will help interested leads know where your expertise and interests lie.

Are you a natural leader?

Being an active member of popular LinkedIn groups can be a great way to accelerate your lead generation process, but starting your own group can be even more effective. That’s because when you are the owner of a group, you can actually email your group members, using LinkedIn announcements. Use this functionality as a way to generate discussions about key industry topics, establish thought leadership, and nurture potential leads.

Do you share you slides?

In 2012, LinkedIn acquired SlideShare, making it easier than ever to share your B2B marketing presentations as content on LinkedIn. The built-in lead generation feature means you can easily prompt viewers of your presentations to give you their contact information and opt in to your marketing efforts. In order to make this work, you have to actually share presentations.

Have you tried LinkedIn Pulse?

Publishing a post on LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to add emphasis to those items on your profile that you want to emphasize and to build your reputation as a thought leader. Both of these objectives can help you generate leads through your LinkedIn activity.

Are your connections HQ?

Your network reflects the quality of your professional relationships. Be thoughtful about making connections. The invitations you issue should convey your interest in connecting, and the value you intend to offer. Personalize each connection request by giving the recipient a compelling reason to accept. If you have trouble coming up with a compelling reason, it may be best to wait until you have one.

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