LinkedIn Should Fit In To Your Sales Process Like This… Or You’re Doing It Wrong

So many new clients come to us thinking LinkedIn is little more than a passive background placeholder for your mostly-completed personal and business profile. If that’s you, then I’m sure your competition is absolutely delighted, and would like you to keep seeing it that way. 

They certainly wouldn’t want you to connect the dots that LinkedIn is the most dangerous way you can get the attention of the most powerful dealmakers in the business world today. And they absolutely wouldn’t want you to realise that LinkedIn is one of the most misused and underestimated aggressive growth tools, with the potential for mind blowing ROI, almost overnight. 

We help businesses and people use LinkedIn as it was meant: to measurably move the needle on your network, lead generation and sales. This means, if it’s being used properly you should be seeing business come in from LinkedIn on a regular, predictable and scalable basis. 

What does this actually look like?

  • Direct introductions for meetings that regularly lead to sales
  • Regular demonstration of value so you are top of mind for the most important prospects
  • Contact and conversations with prospects who are in a position to buy and spread the word about you

These steps are more vital than people give credit for. Because if you’re not claiming LinkedIn in your space, then someone else either already is, or is just about to. It’s tough being second to the table, and it’s completely pointless being third or more. 

Now there’s a problem here: it isn’t actually straightforward to figure out how to use LinkedIn effectively. There are a whole bunch of confusing variables at play. How LI actually fits with what you do depends on things like:

  • Your specific objectives
  • Who your target market is
  • What you’ve been using so far
  • Your particular challenges based on what you do and how it needs to be done

And more. For example:

  • Is it better to reach out directly and ask for a meeting? Or do you need to educate your audience first to move them up the sales funnel? 
  • Should you keep up to date and monitor your prospect’s news before making a timely introduction? OR should you be playing the numbers game? 

The answers to these questions matter, and the decisions you make from them will dramatically alter how your business looks a few years down the line from now. 

These questions (and a lot more) are what we go over in our initial strategy call at Inonda. You can grab my attention to book a consultation now by either commenting here, sending me a dm, or using the link below.

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