Why Generating Your Own Leads Could Be Harming Your Business

I wonder if the things that could be harming your business are not simply the outright failures.

I wonder if the most severe damage is done over the long term by things that seem to work? Sometimes they actually make an invisible glass ceiling for your business growth. Things that act like a handbrake while you try to accelerate.

For example:

Doing your own new business development could be the reason your business isn’t growing.

Here’s why: The definition of ‘scalability’ is the capacity to change in size or scale. For your business to change in size or scale, you need to remove yourself as the sticking point.

After all, how many hours can you spend manually drumming up business in a day?

If you wanted to double your leads, could you just double that time?

How about if you wanted to triple it? How about if you wanted 10 times your sales? How about 100 times?

The usual answer to “how do I get more business?” is “Go and do it.” Often people assume that to scale they must “just get more people on the team to do what I was doing”.

But let’s look at it a different way: what if all manual attempts to drive new business just all stopped working immediately?

It would demand your urgent attention. You would look for help. You would prioritise turning on a new flow of incoming leads because it would be and feel like an emergency.

Chances are you would ask someone you know what is working for them.

Perhaps they would tell you about the award-winning lead generation company who does it all for them and lets them grow without using their own time to find new leads. 🙂

The thing is the only way you would pay attention to them is out of necessity. Because suddenly the problem has become a dramatic emergency. Unfortunately, if you are getting some results from your own manual efforts, you may be in a quiet undramatic emergency. The emergency is still there, it is just hidden.

Of course, this isn’t a panacea for all businesses. If you are not sure if this applies to you then ask yourself:

“If I didn’t have to get new clients myself, and had more time to serve clients and do important tasks, would it help my business?”

If the answer is yes, then you have just discovered that you are losing money by taking your own time to DIY your lead generation. That is lost future revenue. It is also lost time and attention for the clients out there who actually need your help while you are busy doing old fashioned outreach. Like a doctor getting to their clients on horseback instead of paramedics using motorcycles to cut through traffic.

I am not a content creator guru. I run a hands-on award-winning lead generation agency. We do only one thing all day every day: scale up the profitable acquisition of new business meetings for our clients. That is, it. Nothing else.

If you would like to talk to us about how we do it and how much time we can save you, drop me a message.

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